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Published on August 4th, 2014 | by Alec Lewis


One on One with 2015 Point Guard Dazon Ingram

Recently, 2015 point guard Dazon Ingram was offered by the University of Alabama. The guard, who stars for Theodore High School in Alabama and competes on the AAU circuit for the Alabama Challenge (EYBL) is rising on the lists of many when it comes to 2015 recruits.

So far, Wichita State, La Tech, and UAB have been the biggest of pursuits of Ingram’s talents, but there’ll be a few months before he is ready to make his decision.

After being offered by Alabama, Ingram said, “I really didn’t think they were going to offer me. After the talk last night with coach Grant, he told me he thought I’d be a great fit for the system. The way they get up and down the court, it’d be a great fit for me.”  dazon

That’s a good sign for Alabama — a team that turned out a pretty solid recruiting class last season — because for Ingram, the system is key in his recruitment.  UAB, the other in-state school that poses a threat for Ingram believes that he fits theirs as well, fits it enough that assistant Coach Eshan is saying that UAB wants to take him with their final spot.

Ingram, who some would say is a score-first point guard, is a huge potential piece for any of these programs. With his ability to get to the rim and superior floor skills, he’ll be one to watch for sure in 2015.

We caught up with Dazon to ask him a few quick questions, so check them out:

Quick Hitters

1. Who got you first involved in basketball, and how young were you when you first started playing?

My Uncle Irven & Aunt Shannon Ingram, and  when I was 8.

2. Who has been your biggest role model in your basketball life?

Lebron James.

3. When did you feel like you could play basketball in college and what was the biggest thing in your game that helped you get to the next step as college-ready?

8th grade and hard work.

4. Favorite NBA Player?

Kevin Durant.

5. NBA Player that you feel is most like yourself?

Russell Westbrook.

6. What are you looking for most in the college that you will choose?

My style of play & great academic program

7. Who is the one other high school player in Birmingham or a guy on the AAU circuit you know that you have great respect for?

Trent Forrest.

8.If you could describe your basketball playing-style in 1 word, what would it be?


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